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Today, the challenges of digitalization are a responsibility shared by both business and IT. We need tools that allow these two areas to collaborate in a simple way, standardizing the development and governance of their digital products.

Mia‑Platform v8.0 improves these aspects even more, increasing the productivity of Devs and Ops and reducing time and costs.

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Below the new features of Mia‑Platform v8.0!

  • The Flow Manager Visualizer allows you to graphically depict the configuration of your sagas in a simple and intuitive way. Follow the flow of states, view which commands are activated, triggered events, and any remediation processes.

  • In Mia‑Platform Marketplace you will now find the Applications: they are bundles of services that allow you to quickly configure a set of resources that meet a specific business need.

  • For your needs of compliance with GDPR regulations, new features have been introduced in Mia-Platform Console: they allow you to set different levels of sensitivity or encrypt certain portions of data.

  • The Runtime Area is renewed: with a new graphic interface, you can easily monitor your pods, cluster status, storage consumption and communication among services.

  • Smart Deploy allows you to selectively release only the services whose configurations have been updated.

  • With Mia‑Craft you can visualize your project's architecture, to quickly visualize the existent services and how they communicate with each other. 

  • We support a Multi‑Git Provider approach: you can choose which Git provider to use to access in one click all the tools of Mia‑Platform Console. 

  • Mia‑Backoffice allows a simplier content management. The new headless CMS is easy to configure, mantain and evolve. 

  • With Mia‑Platform v8.0 you can build a complete Developer Portal: an enterprise-level portal that allows you to enhance your APIs, enabling the integration with partners. 

  • Mia‑Platform v8.0 offers an improved user experience, easier and seamless. 

  • Have you heard about micro‑lc? The new open-source project of Mia‑Platform is available on GitHub: the orchestrator allows an easier management of micro frontends and a faster time‑to‑market of new projects. 

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your cloud‑native applications with kube‑green, the project developed and forked by Davide Bianchi with Mia‑Platform! 

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